Wedding Photographer Berlin


We love weddings! And we would love to be your wedding photographer. In and around Berlin, but also around the globe, if you wish. We are capturing your day in a journalistic way. We try to stay in the background as much as we can, yet never miss an important moment.

The photos that way take will be there for generations to come. Getting married is one of the biggest commitments you will encounter in your life. Linda and I got married just recently. We finally know what it feels like to be in those "wedding shoes". It certainly is an emotional roller coaster. The things you feel and the thoughts that go through your head are incredible. Never have we felt so many things at the same time with such intensity. 

We thought it was very surprising how fast the day went by. We were just getting ready for the big moment and ten minutes later it was already dark. Having a great photographer and videographer helped us to "re-live" that day and to see how many things were actually happening.

We would love to get to know you and capture your day with all its details and moments.


Things we offer


Our GlamourEffekt Photobooth is a real highlight. We love to see how much fun the guests have. If you like we can print the photos from the booth right at your wedding.

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Wedding Videos

Linda will create your wedding film. She’s a native English speaker so the communication with her will be rather easy. We’re deeply impressed every time we watch her wedding videos. She see with her eyes, yet she films with her heart. The moments she captures are moving, emotional and at the same time fun to watch.                                    to gallery

Our experience with wedding photography

Wedding photography is a rather complex type of photography. It challanges the photographer in many ways. The day starts with a very excited maybe slightly nervous couple, who have been preparing for their important day for months. We capture those candid moments with taste. We never ask you to look into our camera or to act and pretend. That would simply destroy those moments and the photo. We let things happen and document them. We don't ask you to pose instead we capture how you interact with one another and can give you guidance if required. With this method we are able to capture natural and loving images of your beautiful day.


“Wedding photography lasts for decades. You will always take that wedding album out and show it to you familiy and friends. Chosing the photographer is a decision that comes from the heart. It’s our goal to take photos that you will still love in 20 years from now.”
— Gerald Schmidt


How we work

  • t's not just about 'taking wedding photos' - we want to tell the story of your day
  • it's the small little details that make your wedding special and that make them different to all the other ones, that is exactly what we aim to capture.
  • during the day we will always stay in the background and document everything thats happening
  • we draw up a contract to guarantee bookings (no last minute cancellations).
  • we deliver a few of hundred photos, fully retouched (depending on the length of the wedding).