3 Wedding Collections | From Start to End

Above you will find three collections of beautiful weddings photographed is very different locations. Hanna & Frank's wedding was held in Finnland and celebrated in a very homey kind of atmosphere. Following this is 'Jeanine & Lucas's wedding which took place in Germany in Gut Wendgräben at a fantastic location with a beautiful barn.
Last but not the least; Jan & Svenja's wedding. This wedding was again very different to the other, it was held in the elegant hotel: Hotel De Rome. I hope you enjoy taking your time to look through the photos, it will give you a feeling of our style technique of photography.


Our GlamourEffekt Photobooth is a real highlight. We love to see how much fun the guests have. If you like we can print the photos from the booth right at your wedding.

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Wedding Videos

Linda will create your wedding film. She’s a native English speaker so the communication with her will be rather easy. We’re deeply impressed every time we watch her wedding videos. She see with her eyes, yet she films with her heart. The moments she captures are moving, emotional and at the same time fun to watch.                                    to gallery

Engagement shoot

How about capturing the couple while they are still engaged and have memories of that forever. Everyone knows that your wedding day marks a day of change in your life so why not capture your life before you got married and cherish those moments forever?

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Trash the Dress

Would you like to do something special? Or rather just wear the dress once more and take some photos in a different setting? We love both ideas! Call us or drop us an email. We have plenty of ideas.

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Wedding locations and registrar’s offices in Berlin & Brandenburg

You’re not alone. Many customers and friends ask us frequently: „Do you have a list of nice places for civil marriage in Berlin?“ and: „Do you know nice wedding locations in Brandenburg?“ We tried to come up with a couple of places that we enjoyed most.

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Wedding Albums

When moments turn into memories. The albums we offer belong to the finest on the market. We have different sizes and colors. Our graphic designer Linda composes them for you. During the next decades you will look at them over and over again.

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Our experience with wedding photography

Wedding photography is a rather complex type of photography. It challanges the photographer in many ways. The day starts with a very excited maybe slightly nervous couple, who have been preparing for their important day for months. We capture those candid moments with taste. We never ask you to look into our camera or to act and pretend. That would simply destroy those moments and the photo. We let things happen and document them. We don't ask you to pose instead we capture how you interact with one another and can give you guidance if required. With this method we are able to capture natural and loving images of your beautiful day.

We have hand picked 3 beautiful weddings that you can view: Hanna & Frank, Jeanine & Lucas and Jan & Svenja. We hope this will give you an idea about how we work. If you have any question please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. Along with these 3 weddings we also have out gallery that you can take advantage of, there are way more photos here for you to explore. Enjoy!


“Wedding photography lasts for decades. You will always take that wedding album out and show it to you familiy and friends. Chosing the photographer is a decision that comes from the heart. It’s our goal to take photos that you will still love in 20 years from now.”
— Gerald Schmidt


How we work

  • t's not just about 'taking wedding photos' - we want to tell the story of your day
  • it's the small little details that make your wedding special and that make them different to all the other ones, that is exactly what we aim to capture.
  • during the day we will always stay in the background and document everything thats happening
  • we draw up a contract to guarantee bookings (no last minute cancellations).
  • we deliver a few of hundred photos, fully retouched (depending on the length of the wedding).